"My work asserts itself in a desire for free expression. I want to nourish a dialogue where the words are the ones I invent, and even, going beyond the words. I want to free myself from language to evoke the intimate through uncodified media.
The Intimate is what is behind the skin, the elusive. Transcribe an unknown universe which is for us, in appearance, familiar. As an explorer, I seek what lies beyond limits: I mean things that have no name. There, where fear reveals pleasure, the simple questions, the complex and where the absurd explains many truths.
I am interested in this dialogue with these interactions between the palpable, physical world in which the spectator is an integral part, and the immaterial world, of the inside, imperceivable.
It is in the questioning of the intimate that I try to generate a link between these inaudible questions arising from the tension between movement and balance, that words can not say. Thus, all my work on fragmentation, flux, expansion, disorder, deformity conveys the inertia necessary for this tensioning.



Étienne Lescure is a French contemporary artist born in 1983 and currently living in Toulouse.
After graduating as a painter decorator and graphic designer, Étienne began to exhibit his paintings and drawings. Subsequently, he made theater sets by participating in the ZUMA-exp collective. With Oliver Pradié, he invented HUITRE PRODUCTION an informal space for artistic diffusion of literature, visual arts and music, developing the concept of multi-media art.
In 2009, Étienne deepened his research into books and fanzine, for example with “Stupikaz” or “RiEN”. In 2012 he decided to focus on his artistic work.
He uses in particular painting and drawing but experimenting across all areas of expression. Some of his projects are self-produced  “Meggaft”, “Eikaz”, “Coooool ”. He participates in numerous collective projects; including photographer Nicholas Kay, The C'était Demain Theater Company, Animali Musicians, Ultra Zook or Dissonant Theory.


Etienne Lescure